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Meat the Team

John and Heike welcome you to Algarve SUP.

Nick Robinson

John Hogan

Certified SUP Coach and Owner

Mauro Engler

Heike Flohr

Certified SUP Coach and Owner

The Algarve SUP Team

Heike, a qualified SUP instructor, friend of the environment and bonafide adventurer. She loves ZEN SUP and embodies its essence. Heike says, “ to be on the waters so blue, with beautiful people, really brings you a feeling of peace and serenity. Thats really living the dream”.

John, also a qualified SUP instructor and also friend of the environment. Seeker of excellence and founder of ZEN SUP he drives his enterprise with a dedication and a passion seldom found in water sports. “people want quality, in terms of teaching, equipment and experience. John says, at ZEN SUP we deliver all of the above that.” 

How Algarve SUP started

Nick Robinson started the company back in 2014 after he became disillusioned with his day job in the IT business and set out to create an outdoor company. He wanted to get back to the natural pursuits of his youth: surfing, hiking, river rafting, wind surfing. The new sport of paddleboarding encompassed all of that and more. In May 2018 he sold the business to John and Heike from Zen Sup.

The Perfect Team

Algarve SUP Team

Together they:

  • take you on two hour stand up paddle tours and more.

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