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Our Amazing Team

Nick and Mauro welcome you to Algarve SUP.

Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson

Certified SUP Coach and Owner

Mauro Engler

Mauro Engler

Certified SUP Coach and Owner

Changing people's lives?

We wanted to create a business that would change people's lives. We wanted to show you a slice of beauty that would introduce you to a sport so peaceful, so meditative and so mind changing that it would turn your holiday into an incredible experience. Judging from the majority of our past clients responses we have managed to do that.

It is heart warming to see how so many of you are so moved by your experiences on the water with us.

How Algarve SUP started

We started back in 2014 after Nick became disillusioned with his day job in the IT business and set out to create an outdoor company. He wanted to get back to the natural pursuits of his youth: surfing, hiking, river rafting, wind surfing. The new sport of paddleboarding encompassed all of that and more!

The Perfect Team

Algarve SUP Team

Now, he has partnered up with Mauro, a sport science graduate and accomplished surfer.

Together they:

  • take you on two hour stand up paddle tours,
  • organize the Guadiana Challenge every year
  • and set off on a yearly stand up paddle board adventure.

Stand Up Paddle Adventures


In 2015 Mauro and Nick paddle boarded 160kms across the Algarve.


In 2016 Nick formed a team of four to descend the Douro river. Find out why we didn't go and how we completed 270km by paddle board.


In 2017 the guys are planning a little jaunt down to Cádiz. It's a good paddle from Faro, let's see how it pans out.

Stand Up Paddle Podcast

In collaboration with Simon from Hutchsupwear, Nick also recorded 16 episodes of an audio podcast called SUPfm where he interviewed one of the world's best paddlers, Kai Lenny, amongst other incredible guests.

SUPfm Stand up paddle podcast

Keep in touch on social media to see what happens next!

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